Malizy and Taneise are best friends who met in college. Their mutual interests from faith and college majors to their love for makeup and fashion, sealed their bond instantly.

Throughout their 20-year friendship they’ve had thousands of conversations, but one casual discussion on a birthday trip meant something different. What they discovered was that their shared bond of faith and beauty was meant for an entirely new and bigger purpose.

Be Glam & Grace is their calling to share their individual journeys to womanhood. They have candidly unpacked their testimonies, sharing their faith to inspire teen girls and support young women still navigating through life’s path. In a world of unholiness and unrealistic physical standards, Malizy and Taneise provide practical ways to help girls and women grow by discovering their outer glam and inner grace. 


Malizy Scruggs

Malizy laid the foundation for Be Glam & Grace in 2012 with the creation of a blog that focused on her three favorite things: public relations, style and etiquette. As editor of the blog, she realized women and girls could benefit from the branding and social media advice she'd given to corporations for over a decade. Counsel that's led her professional work in strategic communications to be nationally recognized by PR News, ADCOLOR and the Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals. Malizy served as chief strategist for Christian Madison, a boutique PR firm she founded before her current role as communications manager in the building products industry. She married Craig, her college sweetheart in 2004 and believes her most important assignment is being the example of a 'Virtuous Woman' for their daughter.


K. Taneise Perry

Before her now 15-year professional career in advertising, Taneise graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. In addition to her work as an account manager for a local advertising agency, she is also the founder and CEO of Perry Media. Taneise and her husband Kevin have been married for 13 years and are the proud parents of three sons. Taneise worked side-by-side her husband during his 10-year tenure as a youth minister mentoring and ministering to young girls.