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2019 Wisdom "Take-Aways"

If you're reading this, then God has blessed you to see 2020! Grace. Mercy. Another chance to get it right. Air in your lungs. The opportunity to forgive. The opportunity to change. The opportunity to love. Now what are you going to do next?

Thank you to J.K. Hamilton, Minister of the Mountain View Church of Christ in Dallas, TX for sharing these amazing 2019 wisdom take-aways. We hope they bless you as much as they did us.

2019 wisdom "take-aways": Things I've shared with myself and others.

1. Spend more time being thankful for your friends and less time talking about your enemies. Life is short.

2. Stay focused between the time you pray and the time God answers lest you forfeit your blessing fooling with a distraction.

3. Don't be distracted by things that you can't do anything about (helping people who don't want help, mistakes you can't undo, people you can't appease, false perceptions of you by people who would rather go with their perceptions than take the time to get to know you, situations you can't change etc).

4. Make more private prayer time with God. Even if you need to treat it like a doctor's appointment.

5. Learn to grow from every relationship whether it represents fertilizer or sunlight.

6. Stop lying to yourself in the name of optimism...sometimes God won't move or fix what you're optimistically denying is broken.

7. The only reason why some of your demons leave you alone is to get seven more that are more sinister...stay guarded in God.

8. Don't cosmetisize what needs to be wash away from your life and don't aromatize what needs to be cleansed. This will leave you temporarily impressive to people while perpetually foul to God. Repent.

9. Do some kind of physical exercise every day.

10. No more feeling guilty for taking some time out for YOURSELF (if you don't, you'll begin to become resentful toward those you exhaust your time helping/serving).

11. Exercise your "no" (if you're a yes person); and watch how people find an alternative option. Never carry the burden of being peoples ONLY OPTION.

12. Don't feel like you need to have an opinion about EVERYTHING because you don't.

13. Love on your family in private first before posting pics.

14. If you say you're trusting God, then stop putting everything you pray about under your surveillance. He'll let you know when he moves on it.

15. Learn to apologize without justifying the actions you're apologizing about (otherwise just keep your apology).

16. Don't wait till your feelings are there before you say or do something kind for someone.

17. Give your problems a publicity break.

18. Take inventory of your affiliations and decide which ones need to be fed and which ones need to be starved.

19. Learn to let people's problem with you be their problem (particularly if unwarranted).

20. Stop being passive aggressive and be courageous enough to prayerfully confront people. This will prevent some secret resentment.

20 from 2019 FOR 2020

In the name of Jesus!!

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