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Fix Each Other's Crown

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Joie Rasberry

Remarkable women think and lead differently. They tend to go against conventional wisdom. And yes sometimes they are hated for it. I know. I am one of those women.

Some people are passive. They really feel as though women should keep silent, limit their political & social voices, go along just to get along, submit to those who are in authority, and pray it all away.

I sometimes like asking those hard questions that get me into trouble. I am okay with it because not all trouble is bad. I do it because I know, 'until we are all alright, ain't none of us alright.' I do it because I am both consciously and subconsciously fighting for the rights of women.

I encourage women to start the conference, write the book, sing the song, take the class, start the business, star in the play, join the organization, apply for the job --- to step outside of her comfort zone.

I encourage women to work together, collaborate, wish each other well, support one another --- fix each other’s crown.

I do this because I recognize it is important for someone to come alongside of her to help support and propel her dreams. Someone who will speak over her, cover her, pray for her, and help birth her ideas.

As I show up everyday to encourage, motivate, inspire and empower women, I've done enough research, read enough case studies, listened to so many women's stories coupled with a few of my own to know that sexism, racism, and classism tend to keep women down longer than our counterparts and at a perpetual state of futility, which makes striving exhausting, debilitating and sometimes depressing.

The complexion of her skin is an issue. Her height is an issue. Her weight is an issue. Her hair texture is an issue. How she dresses is an issue. The tone of her voice is an issue. The school she attended is an issue. Whether she went to school at all is an issue. Her marital status is an issue. Her singleness is an issue. Her children are an issue. The fact that she has no children at all is an issue. Where she works is an issue. The fact that she doesn't work at all is an issue. Every d&%# thing is an issue.

As long as she is a single mother trying to take care of her children by herself, a homeowner trying to hold it down alone, a career woman who feels the sting of being treated less than while at the office, married yet struggling to find a healthy balance, making sacrifices while trying to care for her aging parents, holding on after having buried a parent, fighting back tears every morning thinking of the child she had to bury, bags under her eyes from a lack of sleep worrying about the child who didn't come home last night, and doing all she can not to resort to returning to a life of drugs, alcohol, pill popping, food or any other kind of addiction --- I am going to support her.

When she is living off of broken pieces, when she has been lied to more then she cares to admit, when she has been used, abused, neglected, abandoned and mistreated --- I am going to stand with her.

When she is treated a little lower than the angels, when she works twice as hard but she is still not deemed worthy of the same compensation, a salary, rewards, perks, bonuses, and benefits like his --- I am going to stand by her.

Why? I am glad you asked. I want to see her win. I want to see more women treated fairly in all areas based on her level of education, experience and expertise. I want to see more women as CEO's, Board of Directors and Presidents. I want to see more women earning six figure incomes, because when she has more she can do more, and that is the bottom line.

I want every young girl to know that she does not have to sleep her way to the top or sell her soul to the devil. All she has to do is prepare properly by learning all of the tools and techniques needed to maneuver through the slippery slopes of life.

Lastly, I want her to lead with grace and good will. There is room at the top for everyone but space is limited only for those who are competent, capable and prepared.

Be fierce. Have some grit. Through trial and error you will figure it out. Queen Esther was a successful business woman. She laid out a blue print. Read it.

Work to be a problem-solver and a change-agent, a strategist and a conceptualizer. You are well on your way, girlfriend.

I wish you extraordinary success.


Joie Rasberry Business & Christian Event Inspirational, Motivational, Encouragement and Empowerment Speaker, Author/Writer, Social Critic Extraordinaire

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